402 Webster Chapel Road
Glencoe, AL 35905
toll free 800.739.9156
 local 256.492.8340
EPA ID #: ALD981020894

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About Us

EWS Alabama, Inc, has been in hazardous and industrial waste management since 1986.  The company provides a wide range of waste management services from lab packing to incineration through the use of advanced technologies combined with superior customer service.

We can help you to streamline your workflow by becoming your single source supplier of waste management services.  We offer a full complement of services and technologies through our affiliated companies.  EWS has a networks to transport, store, treat and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

In our network, we have established relationships with vendors representing a wide range of environmental services.  We have received and audited each of these vendors to assure you of timely, high quality service.  We can help you with your need for inorganic / organic wastewater treatment; stabilization and landfill; recycling and disposal of fuels, batteries and light bulbs; incineration of PCB-bearing wastes; universal wastes and household hazardous waste; fuel blending; and deep well injection.

To keep pace with changes in environmental service industry, we continuously reinvest in our facilities and operations.  We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and our ability to provide solutions for our customers. 










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